14 Ideas for your Digital Content Library

14 Ideas for your Digital Content Library

What’s a digital content library? It’s an online library or a collection of online databases of digital objects, which can be images, text, video or any other formats.

Why is this important? There are several reasons why. If you plan to have a persuasive, consistent, branded image online, your content needs to reflect your values, your mission. It needs to be seen through consistent content, whether it’s text, audio, video or images. If you don’t have a content library it’s going to be hard to maintain a certain aesthetic, tone of voice, style and your overall goal and vision might confuse your followers. Followers want you figured out, and if they can’t, they will move on.

Also, let’s not forget, when life gets busy, we tend to either not post, or not brainstorm about social media. And then we either drop it, or end up not posting for a while. And this, in the digital world, is one of the greatest sins. The digital Gods will shun you. The fact is, millions upon millions of other people are online, trying to do the same thing you are. You HAVE TO be consistent and present, otherwise, all your efforts are in vain. People don’t like abandonment, even in the digital world.

But, let’s jump to the concrete stuff. Let’s move on to a list of content ideas that you can copy + paste, write down and use to build your own digital content library.

  1. Facts - facts about hair colours, hair healthy, hair styles, about hair maintenance. Anything that your business is about.
  2. Feedback - share reviews & feedback from your customers. It can be a Facebook or a Google review, or a message you received on Instagram, or even a comment someone leaves on one of your posts.
  3. Products - share either custom or repost photos from the brands you stock. Talk about them, educate your audience on why they are good, how to use them, which products go well with each other, and so much more.
  4. Challenge - if you have a very interactive audience, why not post a challenge. Challenge your audience to share a photo or comment something, as part of the challenge.
  5. Team profiles - if you haven’t yet, introduce the team to your audience. Show the faces behind the brand. Instead of it being just an image, why not do a GIF or a video? Or even a reel?
  6. Behind the scenes - the possibilities are endless when it comes to this. Whichever part of the ‘backstage’ you are comfortable with sharing, share! Let’s face it, people are nosey but also they are social creatures, they want to be connected with you and know more about you.
  7. Quotes - this might not be someone’s cup of tea, but that’s the gist of it! Create a digital presence that’s authentic for you and your brand. If it’s quotes you want to share, especially original ones, that come from you - do it. Quotes are some of the most shared types of content out there.
  8. Giveaway - Competitions are great for gaining an audience, getting more engagement, gaining new followers. All of these factors skyrocket during a giveaway! If you need some ideas, our eBook of monthly campaigns might help. 
  9. Interview - why not collaborate with a local, small business or with a peer in the industry? Do a live on Instagram, set up an interview, determine a topic, and make sure that topic is relevant for the audience YOU have.
  10. Shoutout - use one of the days in the week, such as Sunday, to do a shoutout to a local business? 
  11. Tutorials - by no means revolutionary, but definitely underused by salons. Especially now in lockdown! So many of your clients might be struggling with how to style or take care of their hair. Why not take advantage of this and provide valuable content and tips for your followers? 
  12. Story stickers - we’re talking polls, quizzes, questions. If you aren’t using the features provided on Instagram, for free, you’re missing out. If you miss a day of posting to your feed, jump on your stories, and do a quick poll for your audience. 
  13. Trend forecast - we assume everyone knows the latest trends since we are all online, but that’s not actually true. If you are an expert in your industry, or even better, if you have a niche you specialise in, why not share what trends are coming in the next season?
  14. Inspiration - this can be a photo of a celebrity, or your past client, or just anyone you find inspiring. It doesn’t even have to be a person, it can be something around you, something that inspires you as a creative person. Share it and talk about it.

To kick things off, we’ve created a Social Media Start Up Kit for all of you who want to start, but may be struggling or on the fence. CLICK HERE, because you’re literally just a click away from having your first content library.

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