2022 Must Dos on Social Media

2022 Must Dos on Social Media

We’re sure that Instagram and Facebook have a lot of surprises in store for 2022, so this won’t be a definitive guide on what to do. The digital space is an ever-changing space, and we need to constantly keep up with the changes and pick the best features that work best for our mission and goals.


We’ll keep adding to this list as new features pop up, however…


We wanted to outline what the most important things are that you SHOULD be doing, and what cool features you should utilise for your salon business page now, in case you aren’t already. Here we go!



We know that reels aren’t new, but they are definitely not used enough by salons. You might think you don’t have what it takes to shoot great reels, but think outside the box. If you don’t have high-quality video content of hair, you can still record yourself, your team doing funny skits, talking about promos or news or even making collages from graphic designs! Nobody said that reels have to be shot live - you can prep and put content together to publish to reels!



Why feature just one image, when you can feature multiple ones. Plus, Instagram favourites carousels over regular old images, so carousels are a good option to get more engagement and reach.


PS Did you know that now you can delete images from Carousels, in case you uploaded the wrong one? And you can rearrange already posted Carousel photos so you can switch up the look of your feed!



When it comes to taking photos and shooting videos, videos always win. They don’t have to be long and you don’t need fancy equipment. All you need is your iPhone and good lighting! Videos simply hit different and give your clients a better view of your work.



Instagram is slowly rolling out this feature to all accounts, but it allows you to set status to your Instagram page, something you weren’t able to do before. It could come in handy to let your followers know whether you’re open or closed!



Another cool feature you should jump on is Instagram events. Now you can add events to your posts, and users can easily set reminders for your event. It will come especially in handy if you have active promos, or if you offer classes and workshops.

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