5 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Salon

5 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Salon

A QR code isn’t just a neat little trick digital nomads invented to have some fun or make our lives more complicated. QR codes are efficient, practical and can in fact be a very powerful tool. 

Think of it like this… *cue thinking bubble* Your client is sitting in the chair and they’re going to be there...for a while...You’re talking to them about a product that you love, whether it’s a shampoo, a mask or hair clips that you have at your online store. Why not have a QR code ready for your client to scan and browse your online store while you’re doing their hair? The purchase can be made right then and there. 


How does it work?

When you’ve set up the QR code, all your client has to do is open the camera app on their phone, scan the QR code and click the link that pops up on their screen. 

This leads them to a webpage of your choice. This can be a landing page you create, or a website page or your social media account. The possibilities are really endless. So, not only are you able to generate income faster and easier, you’re supporting contactless service and client checkout. 


But where do I place them, you ask?

Oh, just about anywhere. On your brochures, as a mirror decal, window decal, on your business card, postcards, mirror clings.


Ways to include use QR codes

  • Wi-Fi Password
Do we even need to emphasise the importance of having your Wi-Fi password in a visible place? Make sure it’s displayed at the front desk or in the waiting area, so your client doesn’t have to ask. Create a special page that contains the password, so all your client has to do is scar the QR code and browse freely. 
Or if this isn’t your thing, how about Facebook Wi-Fi? Sign up right here to get our latest PDF explaining how to set it up, for free! 


  • Your Personal Hair Gallery

How about a Pinterest page that contains all your amazing work? Our even hair inspo? Make collections of your transformations, cuts, colours, styles, celeb inspo...And have your clients browse before it’s their turn. 

  • Salon Menu

You can still have a beautiful branded, but digital salon menu. It doesn’t have to be a plain and simple word document. It can be digital, easy to access and browse on their own device.

  • Individualised QR Codes 

...that lead to one specific product… For example, you have a special station where you are promoting a special treatment or service. Set up a QR code there that leads straight to the page where they can buy that product from you. Set up a QR code at the front desk, waiting area, colour bar, you name it!

  • Promote Your Socials

And last, but definitely not least, use it to promote your social media accounts. That way, they can connect with you while they are there, and they won’t forget to do it later. In fact, they can connect, check-in and easily leave a review, which will help your socials get an even better reach and engagement.


We can design your own custom mirror or window decal with a QR code of your choice. You can place it anywhere, frame it, display it, stick it on the hairdryer if you want! Click the link below or write to us, and we can get on that right away. 

Click here to have us design your first mirror decal with your very own QR code: 


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