Avoiding the Post New Year Salon Slump

Avoiding the Post New Year Salon Slump

It feels like the entire world goes for a collective nap during the first two months of the New Year. And maybe we all are... We definitely need one after all the craziness of the holiday season.

Salons are a little bit more empty, products are striking all kinds of posses on the shelf to get bought and our pockets are jingling not with Christmas joy but with the sound of our empty pockets.

It sounds like a hopeless situation, but don't get into Walking Dead mode just yet... January & February are usually slower, since we're all pinching pennies after frenzied Christmas spending. There are things you can do in December to prepare for this slump, and here are our suggestions.

1. Select Sales

Don't discount all services and products, just to try and scrape by. Be selective with your deals. For example, if you have only two slow days in a week, set up a special deal that's valid only on those days. Or, you can choose one or two services for a discount. You don't have to discount them all. Choose wisely and decide what works best for your salon.

2. Promote a Gift Card Add-on

This is ideal to promote in December, and you have to shout it from the rooftops. Choose a day in December when your clients can get added value on their gift card whenever they purchase a gift card of certain value. Use your EDM, Instagram Stories, Reels, Go Live, TikToks, whatever you have to announce this promo!

3. Create a Seasonal Package

Since January & February are typically months when clients go blonde, or want to do extra treatments for dehydrated, damaged hair, why not create a ''themed'' seasonal deal for your clients? Pick and choose services or products that go together and provide value by solving their most common seasonal problems.

4. New Year, New You Hype

Take advantage of everyone's motivation to keep up with their resolutions. This is the time of year when people hit the ground running and start making big changes. So tailor your message and offering to cater to those who are looking for a ''fresh new start'' or ''new beginning'' or ''transformation''.

5. Offer to Rebook in January

Another way to keep your January busy instead of boring is to offer a rebooking immediately in December. You've already got your client in the chair, why not mention making an appointment in January while you have them at the salon? If you have loyal clientele, you won't even have to incentivise them, they'll WANT to grab a free spot.

6. A Refresher EDM

This is for January. Whip up a quick, informative EDM for all your subscribers that includes a list of your services and what you're offering. Sometimes, all your clients need is a nudge and a reminder of what their favourite salon offers, to make an appointment.
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