Does Your Brand Look Professional? Check Out Our Checklist!

Does Your Brand Look Professional? Check Out Our Checklist!

Do you ever wonder if people perceive your brand the way you’d want them to? If you’re second-guessing your branding choices, here’s a quick checklist that will help you determine if you’re on the right track or not.


You have at least one, a primary logo that is easily recognisable. 

Colour Palette

You have chosen several hues or combinations of hues that best represent your brand. 


You have chosen one or two fonts that you are consistently using with all your digital and print assets. 


You have a custom pattern for your brand that is also used for your business across all brand collateral. 

Website Design

You have a website, and this is your home base basically. It should be polished and designed using all the above-mentioned elements. It’s recognisable and speaks for your entire brand. 

Social Media Graphics

You have at least one social media account chosen for your business, and your feed is in tone with the rest of the brand and can easily be tied back to your website. You’re posting regularly and try to stand out and provide value. 

Printed Material

Everything printable that you use at the salon, from your menu to business cards is in tune with the branding established. 


Aaand in the meantime, while you’re thinking all this through, we’ve got you. 

60 Brand Templates

A year's worth of social media templates, salon branding and digital resources all designed using your brand colours, logo and fonts. These templates are yours to edit forever. There are thousands of possibilities for you to reskin your brand aesthetics simply and easily.

Graphic Design Services

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Tiles
  • Brand Merchandise
  • Campaigns digital/print
  • Print - Brochures, Business Cards, Signage
  • Email Signatures
  • GIFs & Animation
  • QR Codes
  • Instagram Story Highlights
  • Salon Menus
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Brand Templates

Brand Makeover

Includes the following: 

  • Logo — 3 variations including transparent background
  • X1 Letterheads, 
  • X1 Appointment/business card 
  • X1 Salon Menu
  • X1 Facebook Banner and Social icon tile
  • Email signature(s)
  • Sticker Decals
  • An a4/a5 print marketing campaign
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