Get Better Reach on Instagram

Get Better Reach on Instagram

We like to talk directly and cut to the chase. We know what troubles you most of the time, and what you need help with, and one of those things just happens to be reach. 

So what is reach exactly? 

Reach is when ONE unique account sees your post ONCE. It doesn’t count if that account watched that same post multiple times, just once. Basically, it’s just the number of people who saw your post! It could be a reel, a photo a story, anything really.

If you are trying to grow your business and grow the number of followers, you’re going to want to get a higher reach. Naturally, the more people see your account, the better.

Picture Instagram as a big theatre. When you post something, you’re performing on stage. Do you want the audience to be half empty, or to always see the same regulars coming? Or do you want every seat in the house to be full, so you eventually would have to book an even bigger theater?

Hmm, loads to think about, right? While you’re imagining yourself on stage, let’s walk you through how you could potentially get a higher reach.


Some believe that hashtags are spammy and they make the caption look less put together. But the point of hashtags isn’t aesthetics, it’s that ability to reach as many PEOPLE as you can. Naturally, you don’t want to use every hashtag under the sun, that totally defeats the purpose. But curated sets of hashtags that align with your business goals are a YAAAS. Just in case you have no idea what we’re talking about or how to create these hashtags sets, we have a free Hashtag PDF for you. It’s free, no purchase is necessary, we just had to plug it here because it’s so good and we want everyone to have it. Scouts honour!


Really, this isn’t rocket science. Consistency is the key to everything, no matter what you do or what you’re trying to achieve. Nobody ever said that consistency made their reach worse - NOBODY. Posting regularly, at peak times contributes to keeping that reach…CONSISTENT!


Digital footprints can be likes, comments, follows... The digital space requires you to be active in order to be seen, and reach can be increased if you’re putting yourself out there, leaving digital footprints on new accounts, and taking the time every day to engage with new people and businesses. Whenever you leave a comment or hit that like button, you’re potentially reaching someone else’s audience or someone who just happens to see that post. 


We can’t tell you how many times in the last couple of months we’ve been asked why reels work. Why do certain reels get such a high reach? WHY!? Well, first of all, reels are one of the latest features Instagram has launched, and naturally, they are going to want to promote accounts that use this feature. And by promote, we mean, they favour you in their algorithm, which is why you essentially get better reach. 


Naturally, people like to get free stuff, it’s a no brainer. Giveaways and contests that require people to engage with you or tag someone, will give you a better reach. It’s clear and simple.

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