How Social Media Branding And Revenue Are Connected

How Social Media Branding And Revenue Are Connected

Social media is a competitive digital space. Brands and individuals all around the world are told they have to be on social media, and when they arrive, and encounter failure, they don't see the value and potential of social media for their business.

But from the perspective of consumers, 90% of them say brand authenticity is a crucial factor when deciding to purchase a service or a product from a brand they see online.

But to gain some good foothold on social media, you absolutely have to know what you're doing. If you don't, you need to outsource it to someone who actually understands how your brand should be represented in this space.

What does branding on social media entail?

  • Audience (age, gender, interests, geographic location, economic status)
  • Brand persona (your voice, colours, fonts, values)
  • Content (photos, videos, user-generated content, tutorials, blog posts)

All of these elements together, coupled with a well-developed social media strategy, contributes to not just an aesthetic social media account, but to a professional brand that knows who they are targeting, what they can offer, and how they can create the ultimate experience for their potential clients. Which is what every individual wants from a brand.

When your followers scroll through your profile, they need to see exactly what kind of values you stand for, not just what services you can offer. Every salon Instagram offers cutting services, but they need to know WHY they should spend their hard-earned money on your brand.

And this is where branding is key. You need to establish yourself so that your followers think your logo, services, voice, ads are absolutely the best they can find.

Take the example of Starbucks. They took a seemingly basic service and product, and made an overpriced cup of coffee in the 90s become popular and something consumers wanted to buy. Your brand should mimic the same principles, in the sense that your branding should be attracting and selling your salon so hard, your followers can't say no.

Together with marketing, branding helps not just bring awareness to your salon, but also builds trust with your potential clientele. And what do people who look up to, trust a brand do? They pick up the phone and make an appointment. They keep coming back. They trust your judgment and expertise and they purchase from you. They talk about you to everyone who will listen.

Take a minute to look at your brand online, and truthfully think about the branding of your business.


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