How to get Website Conversions

How to get Website Conversions

Let’s start off by defining website conversion. This is an action a user performs on your website, whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a product, or getting a book. It could be any type of action, on any page of your website, that you want your users to take. 


To improve your conversion rate, follow the steps below.

1) A Clean Website

This means your website needs to be less cluttered and easy to navigate through. If a user finds your website chaotic and doesn’t know how to complete an action or even where to find the appropriate page, you’ll be faced with a lost potential customer/client. Keep your website clean and easy to navigate. Be obvious and be quick in giving the potential user an answer. When users come from Google or your socials, they are looking for an answer to something, or they want something from you. I they don’t see it clearly on your website within the first five seconds, chances are, they will leave the website and won’t come back.

2) Create Pages That Provide Value

Your website doesn’t need empty or duplicate pages, that are there for no specific reason. Each page should clearly have a purpose. Define your goals and think about what each page will provide to your user, as well as what action you want them to make once they are on that page. You might love your brand and are passionate about it, but you’re wanting to convert users who possibly know nothing about you, and aren’t highly likely to spend 20 minutes on a website that provides no concrete information.

3) Good Design and Copy

Determine your branding, which includes all the colours, logos, fonts, tone & style. If you don’t like the design of your website, or you don’t think the copy represents your business in the best possible way, change it.

4) A Good Mobile Version

Most users today visit websites from their phones, so ensure your website looks and reads well on the phone, as well as that it runs well and isn’t slow.

5) Footer with Contact Information

When a user scrolls down, you want them to find links to your socials, an email opt-in or contact information. At any point during their browsing, they might want to get in touch with you quickly or check out your socials for more information. 


Finally, if one of these doesn’t seem to be giving results, the golden rule is…change it. Make sure you are constantly checking conversion rates and doing A/B testing to see what drives results. Don’t be afraid to do this, as this is what leads major websites to have high conversions.

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