How to Keep Your Captions On Point

How to Keep Your Captions On Point

If you’re consistently posting on social media, after a while, you might notice you’re not as inspired to write profound, interesting, hilarious captions that people react to. It’s only natural when you do something day after day.

But there’s a way to avoid this, and we practice this like our life depends on it. Well, maybe not life, but our livelihoods definitely.

1) Have a Captions Library Ready

Nothing beats a caption library. It’s always there for you when you get stuck and need a quick caption to put that post out there into the world. And yes, we know, creating a big library of captions also takes time, which you may not have. 

Recently we created a library of captions that was designed so you have a huge variety of posts for any occasion. Funny, informative, educational, on-trend…for any hair colour, hair type, hair style… Grab it right here.

2) Be Authentic

You want your captions to be recognisable, not generic or a carbon copy of someone else’s captions. Just because a certain style of writing captions works for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Think about how you want your brand to sound… Funny? Sarcastic? Straight to the point? Informative? Do you want to tell stories, give more details about hair, or just have fun? Decide what you want to do, and stick to it. 

 3) Emoji emoji emoji…

Emojis aren’t going anywhere… We didn’t even need to say that. Instagram and Facebook are like a natural habitat for emojis. This is where they live and thrive. The audience doesn’t mind an emoji, especially if it fits well with the captions. Sometimes, an emoji can tell more about the photo than words. Not to mention they can be hilarious.

4) Question everything

Well, not everything, but don’t be afraid to ask questions in your captions. Make sure that’s the first thing you do. Start your post with a question so that immediately your audience wants to give you an answer and engage with your content.

5) Include a call to action

This isn’t just a ‘Book now’ or ‘Call us’. A call to action can be anything… Think of it as a little push you give to the audience to do something for you. Like a post, comment, show some love, leave an emoji, see the feed, scroll, swipe… Anything that gets them to stick around for a few more seconds. 

We hope this helps and don’t forget to check out our Salon Social Media Captions document, because, we promise you, it’s totally worth it.
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