If you've avoided Tik Tok because

1) It’s a new scary thing to learn and its overwhelming

2) You're feeling waaaay too old because you're not Gen Z

Or 3) You didn't even know it was a thing...

RELAX - Instagram has made it easy by introducing their latest app integration Reels. What's "reels" you ask... Read on my friend...

Reels is a way to create and watch short and entertaining videos on the gram.

You can find the Reels feature at the bottom of your screen when you’re in the Instagram camera. From here, you can:

  1. Select the audio you would like to use, whether it be music available from the platform itself, or your own audio. Be careful, if you use your own audio and your page is on public, other users can use your audio and film their own Reel with your voice in some kind of Instagram inception wizardry 🤯
  2. Get a little bit fancy with AR effects by selecting any of the options in the gallery that Instagram provides from their own creators as well as creators from all over the world. There’s a familiar Green Screen option (ahem, Tik Tok), that you can use to superimpose products or images into that inspire and delight your audience.
  3. Look! No hands You can set a timer on your Reels too, so you can set up your phone and step back into the spotlight where you belong. 
  4. Get techy and alter the speed to which your Reels will play at. Speed it up or slow it down based on the trend or dance you’re filming to make an impact.  
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