Let's Make Time Work For Us

Let's Make Time Work For Us


Balancing it all is difficult, especially because days aren’t 36 hours long. If you’re a salon owner, but also work as a stylist, you know that free time is basically non-existent. Yeah, everyone thinks you’ve got it easy, but you know what’s really going on inside your head. 

But how can you take that lack of time, and make it work? And even better, how do we make time work for us? 

Repeat after me: OR GA NI SA TION.

To be even more precise, weekly organisation is of the absolute essence. A short list of all things that are crucial for your business can completely shift your work dynamic. All you have to do is tick things off, and you’ll be set. 

Taking time to complete specific tasks and sticking to this schedule will make a huge difference in how you feel, and how fast you get things done. 

Some things can be automatised, thanks to a vast number of amazing apps and gadgets that work for us. Unfortunately, some things need to be done manually. 

I’ve taken the time to create a checklist for you, one that contains all of the most important items you need to have a handle on, at all times.

  • Communication List
  • Team Management
  • Stock Checks
  • Equipment Checks
  • Notes on Events
  • Training
  • Misc

It’s completely free, no catch, no terms or conditions involved… Just click, download and print it out. 

If you want even more help, we have a bunch of other resources, like our printable 2021 Salon Planner!


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