Level Up Your Customer Service in 2021

Level Up Your Customer Service in 2021

After the year your clients have had, they will want their customer service to be on point. The success of this year will largely depend on providing a five-star customer service that ensures the best salon experiences for them. But let’s cut the chat and see what steps you can take to put this into practice. 

1.    Perfect the Communication

Needless to say driving sales and ensuring revisits will still largely depend on the impressions your team makes on the client. Make sure that this aspect of your business is perfected right to the last tiny detail.

2.    Convenience 

From booking an appointment, seeing the menu, meeting the team, getting in touch, everything has to be online. This is non-negotiable. If we’ve learned anything from the previous year is that online is king. Make sure your website and socials are optimised so that your customers can easily access all the information or make an appointment without having to leave the comfort of scrolling on their phone. 

3.    Access

This ties into the convenience part. Make sure that your clients always know how to contact you, and where they can get access to you and your services. Is it your phone number? Business email? Website? Facebook? Instagram? Address? You don’t want your clients or potential clients to waste time or end up going to another business because they can’t access the information they need. 

4.    Streamline Your Processes

For example, set up automated responses on Facebook and Instagram so that your clients never have to wait for a response, offer and utilise simple payment systems, so that it doesn’t take more than a few clicks to make a payment, make everything that’s online as easy and fast as possible. 

5.     Mini Service Tryouts

Introduce a new product or service to the more hesitant clients by going the extra mile and giving them a short demonstration of the service. Some clients won’t need this push, but others will. 

For example, you want to sell the new shampoo brushes you have at the salon, but the client isn’t sure whether they need them. Well, why not do a demonstration next time you wash your client’s hair? They will not only see but feel the benefits. And plus, with a product like a shampoo brush, for example, you can drive sales AND sell your clients the idea that they can achieve a scalp massage that’s close to the one they get at the salon. 

6.    Remember the Details

Try and remember, or write down details about every client. Not just their colour history, but the little things they share with you during the conversation. Mention things like their job, or anniversaries or birthdays, or refer back to something funny you might have shared with them in your last appointment. 

7.    Optimise the Personalisation of Consultations

Try and make consultations as personalised as possible, tailored to each client. While you might have specific goals and services to sell, make sure that you and your team always listen to the client, pay attention to the little details, and make sure whatever you offer will tie in perfectly to what they want, what their habits are and what they can realistically achieve. For example, you won’t and recommend a 7-step hair care routine to a busy, working mom with 5 kids, but you’ll recognise that she needs a fast, effective hair routine. Clients notice these little things and really appreciate them.

These little extras will go a long way in indulging the customer and exceeding their expectations. If you need help with implementing any of these, let us know! Send us a message on Facebook or email us! 


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