Lock It Down During Lockdown

Lock It Down During Lockdown

The world sort of stopped when lockdown began. One thing that never stops, however, is social media. Content is still being created and pushed out into the digital space, now more than ever. Everyone has this extra time on their hands, so we keep our hands busy with scrolling through our phones. Plus, it’s a great way to stay in communication with the rest of the world. Think about it. Existing and potential clients aren’t staying off Instagram. They are scrolling and scrolling, and if you’re taking a break, you might be missing out on a chance to be seen and to connect.

This is the ideal time to step into the world of social media, launch an account, and lock down a strategy while you have time to think about it all.

But what can you post now, that you’re not in the salon, working on new cuts, styles and colours your followers like to swoon over? Here’s what we suggest:

Get Into Tutorial Mode
Ask every team member to make one video showing how to style certain types of hair. Give your clients tips on how to take care of their hair. But not just that, you can also showcase what you’re doing to keep your hair in check.

Product Information
Talk about the products, brands and ranges you stock. Expand on why you use the brands that you use. It will tie into who you are and what you stand for. Not only is it helpful, because you can talk about which products are good for certain types of hair, and help out your clients who might be struggling. This also can help you sell more products, while the salon is closed but when it opens as well.

Real Life Talk
While it’s okay to keep your account hair-focused, this is an unusual time and we have to improvise. If you choose to, you can share posts that aren’t related to hair. You can share your tips on how you stay productive in lockdown, how you are coping, and what each of the team members are doing for self care. Share the podcasts you are listening to, YouTube channels you’re addicted to, the music that keeps you going. Movies and TV Shows you are binging, online classes you are taking. Get the conversation going and help people find a way to cope.

Giveaway Time
If you can, this is the time to be there for your community. Giveaways are a great way to grow on social media, but also treat someone. Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up prize ight now? I know we could use one!

Go Live
If you aren’t camera shy, go live! Show your clients what you are up to. Tell them something they might not know about your business or you. Make a list of bullet points you could talk about and stick to it. Go on live and perhaps do a Q&A session.

Collaborate with Small Businesses
We’re all online, but we don’t have to keep a virtual distance. Collaborate with your peers, go on Live together, or go on live with a local business and talk about how you are coping with thetimes and how your followers can help, and how you can help them.

Here are a couple of resources from us, that we think might help you establish your social media presence during lockdown:

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Free Tiles for Lockdown:

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