November Holiday Prep: What Your Salon Should Be Doing

November Holiday Prep: What Your Salon Should Be Doing

If you skipped on some items on the list for October, we suggest you go back and read our October Holiday Prep blog. But if you're all caught up and ready jingle all the way to January, let's quickly dive into all the holiday prep you need to do in November to stay on top of all your Christmas goals and plans.


Holiday Branding

Everyone loves seeing some gold and glitter on their feed during the holidays, so now is the right time to design or purchase new social media tiles for December. You can use it to promote your gift cards, services, or simply to make your feed a bit more jolly. You better not pout when December comes and you're scrambling to sell gift cards or you have no idea what how you're going to attract customers and clients for Black Friday deals. Now, let's go! Visit our website and get some glitz and glam for your feed.


Start Outlining EDMs

Don' get your digital tinsel in a tangle, because you haven't prepped in time... Okay, that's enough of Christmas puns.

This includes preparation for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Prep the content for your newsletter, so that all you have to do, when the time comes, is send the newsletter out. Don't think your clients will know what you have going on - this is a busy season for everyone. Make sure to remind them of special deals, or last minute appointments.


Establish a Rebooking Campaign

Have a quick brainstorming session to think about a rebooking campaign. Something that will have your current salon clients making appointment for January/February even right now. It could be something like: ''Book your January and February blow-dry now and get an extra 10% off'' or ''Book your appointment for January now, to get a free treatment.''


See, November isn't that tricky! It's easy.

If you'd love to get your hands on the complete Christmas Marketing Checklist, go HERE.


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