October Holiday Prep: What Your Salon Should Be Doing

October Holiday Prep: What Your Salon Should Be Doing

Yes, jolly old Santa is coming... Since this is known as one of the most hectic periods in the hair industry, it might not make you falala with joy when seeing him.

However, it's undeniable that this is THE quarter to get your revenue UP. And not just in the upcoming two months, but in the period after New Year's as well.

We know balancing your appointment book, and making sure you are getting your hands on the right retail, taking care of your staff, and all the other salon things, is a lot of work, so Christmas campaigns on social media could just be the last thing on your mind. If it is, we get it, but it's not an excuse.

So, to make things easier, we're helping you prep for the holiday season.

And, let's cut to the chase, and talk about your October holiday prep.


Take 20 mins out of your day to do some brainstorming about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get your favourite glittery pen and paper, maybe even your Salon Diary *wink wink*, or if you're surprisingly into Excel sheets, and start drafting some ideas. What kind of deals can you offer, and what would your clients love the most? Find the middle ground, and work out a few deals. Even if it's just one major deal, or 3-5 minor ones, don't forget to map out the plan for these super exciting shopping days.


Whether it's via newsletter, SMS or on your Instagram/Facebook, this is time to start filling up your appointment book for December. Make sure to send weekly reminders to your clients, by simply doing an Instagram Story or sending out a weekly newsletter.


If you haven't yet, order all the Christmas retail. Clients really like those special holiday gift sets, because it's something they can treat others or themselves with.


Firstly, think of what kind of a voucher you are going to be offering. Will it have a special discount or an add-on service? Once you figure this out, make sure you prepare both digital and in-salon vouchers.

If you do these in October, you'll find November & December are quite a bit more chill. Trust us. We've done this for a decade, and we know that this timeline can do miracles for you.

To get our full holiday checklist for every month, all the way up to January, download it right here: Christmas Marketing Checklist.

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