QR codes are BACK and we have some hacks to share with you

QR codes are BACK and we have some hacks to share with you

In a post COVID world we are scanning QR codes multiple times a day. It’s now an automated habit that we do enmasse.

So let’s make this a work as an additional brand support tool for your business.

Mirror or Window decal with QR cxode

We recommend having your government check-in QR code available to scan from the outside of your premises, so this action is done and complete before the client enters the building. 

We recommend having a QR code strut card at the point of sale. This doesn’t come into play until the end of the salon visit.

Next you will have a QR code mirror decal or a5 Perspex frame with a QR code that takes the client to one of the following brand touch points

  1. Your Instagram page. Ask clients to follow you on Instagram and comment under your most recent post.  The client needs to post in the comments the name of the stylist they are seeing and the date of their visit. This will allow you to track the entries. It also creates a window for that client to have your posts organically populated into their IG feed. 
  2. Facebook Check-In. This has become an underused too in Facebook, but it is great to get regular check-ins as a way to organically increase your Facebook SEO.
  3. Email sign-up. If you haven’t updated your email data base in a while this is DEFINETLEY worth doing. You can set up an automated response to email subscription that send the client a value ad to use that same visit or future visits.

Mirror or Window decal with QR cxode


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