Selling at the Salon or Online: What to Know

Selling at the Salon or Online: What to Know

You’ve set up an online shop through Facebook, Instagram or your website…but the traffic and sales are so low, you can practically hear crickets?

Or you might want to entice more sales at the salon and want to know more about how people do this successfully?

Selling is an art in itself, and marketing is key here. We’re listing five things you need to be aware of to boost those sales.


You’re not showing enough

We know you might not want to shove products and services down your customer’s throat, but studies have shown that customers don’t usually purchase a product after seeing it only once. Don’t be afraid to mention or show your customers on social media what you are offering. Repeat offers or product descriptions to give them a nudge in the right direction. You want to provide useful information every time, and not just use ‘salesy’ language.


Think about emotions

People will always buy something if the product triggers some kind of an emotional response in them. When creating a marketing message, think about wording that will actually reach your customer and have them feel something.


Focus on the value

If a customer doesn’t see value in the product, it’s needless to say that they won’t buy it. And why should they? Make sure to provide as much useful information, but also explain and describe what kind of value this potential product will bring to the customer’s life. 


Establish trust

We are taught never to purchase products from a company or a person we don’t trust, and this is great. Of course, nobody wants to shop from an unreputable source. Your customers need to trust you, trust your knowledge, skills and opinion to purchase something from you. Make sure they always know WHY they should be buying from you, and not someone else.


Make the shopping process a breeze

And finally, don’t make the shopping process an enigma. Make it easy and simple. Customers will abandon things in carts all the time if they can’t locate the product they need, or the checkout process is too long.

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