Stop, Drop and Call-to-Action

Stop, Drop and Call-to-Action

Imagine having the best possible digital marketing strategy: you update your socials regularly, you have brilliant visuals, you even craft amazing blogs and newsletters, but your followers never seem to take the action you want them to take. Feels like you’re trying to catch a bird mid-flight. Or even worse, trying to get a cat to listen to you.

All of this happens when you don’t use a compelling CTA (call-to-action), one that’s right on the money. If there’s one thing to note is that you have to be CLEAR and CONCISE.

Here are some concrete tips that you can use next time you’re adding a call to action to your posts, newsletters etc.

1.   Use the voice of the customer/client
This way the CTA is more persona. Examples you can use are:

  • ‘Show me my calendar’
  • ‘I want to download it’
  • ‘I need to sign up for this’
  • ‘Give me my appointment’
  • ‘Send me my products’

2.   Take advantage of FOMO
FOMO aka ‘fear of missing out’ is crucial when crafting a compelling CTA, because there’s emotion involved in it. This translates to using words that imply your client/customer is missing on a great offer or opportunity. It could be a discount, an exclusive product/service that is available for a limited time only.

  • ‘Ends tomorrow…’
  • ‘One-time offer…’
  • ‘Only X days left…’

3.   Motivational CTAs
Sometimes this can do the trick. If you are promoting something that perhaps involves in investment or a risk for the customer, you need to add an extra motivation behind the words.

  • ‘Let’s do It’
  • ‘Give this a try’
  • ‘Why not give it a try’
  • ‘Returns results’
  • ‘Risk-free’

Combine it with the WHY or at least an excuse why someone should take that risk. 

4.   Avoid Generic CTAs
When possible, avoid the generic CTA ‘Sign up’, ‘Submit’, ‘Click’...You want your call to action to convey a message of talking to your client, not just always selling and buying. You’re offering an ‘experience’.


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