Tech Tools & Apps to Use to Ace Your Instagram Feed

Tech Tools & Apps to Use to Ace Your Instagram Feed

There is absolutely no shortage of apps and tools for editing your content for Instagram. Instagram has in-built camera features that are pretty easy to use, but elevate your photo-taking game. There’s also plenty of apps and software out there if you don’t like what Instagram offers.

In case you don’t have the time or quite frankly the motivation to research which photo & video apps are the best, keep scrolling. We will break everything down for you, introduce some cool new apps and explain the gist of each one. We’ve filtered through a large number of them to share with you the very best ones, that will give you more bang for your buck, tho technically, most of them are free to use. 


Instagram Photo Editing Apps (Feed + Stories)

1.    Built-In Features

Instagram gives everyone a chance to become the next best content creator, by offering creative tools within their camera features for stories, such as polls, mentions, collages, stickers, GIFs and a lot more. Don’t be afraid to utilise the Create Mode when you’re in a rush and just need to put something fun and eye-catching on the go.

Don’t forget about the old-school features like:

  • Boomerang (create short videos which are essentially like GIFs)
  • Instagram Layout (create collages on the spot)
  • Multi-capture (take several shots to create a cool sequence of images)
  • Superzoom (the name speaks for itself. Great for zooming in on a hair colour, cut, nails, makeup looks...or on what you had to eat on your lunch break)
  • Photobooth (capture four photos seconds apart, with the same effect you’d get if sitting in a photo booth. When done, simply proceed to share)
2.    Hype Type

When there’s not much you can do with a photo, typography comes into play. Hype Type is amazing because you can ti animate phrases on the photo itself, and this means the words are literally jumping out from the screen. 

3.    Adobe Lightroom

Quite possibly the most popular one, and for a good reason. Adobe is known for its editing software because it’s fantastic. It offers everything one can ever need, all on your smartphone, so you can literally edit like a pro. 

4.    Adobe Spark

Adobe never drops the ball. They have an app for everyone and everything. Adobe Spark can be used on your computer and your phone, enabling you to create or edit, or of course both. You don’t have to be a pro at it, don’t be intimidated at all. 

Video Editing Apps

1.    BeeCut

Beginner-friendly, created for all that want to incorporate more video content on their socials but don’t really need all the advanced features that most video editing apps offer. BeeCut is clean and simple allowing you to do the basics: cut and rotate videos, create slideshows, all of this in pretty good quality. 

2.    A Color Story

If you love to get super creative with filters and colours, this is an amazing app for you. Some features are paid, but there are some cool free ones to work with as well. 

3.    Splice

What I like about Splice is its feature to add music and sync the video to it, so that your video flows seamlessly and looks absolutely gorgeous. You can add filters, text, transitions, cut or trim the video, all of the necessary basics. 


If you’ve made it to this point, congrats! And if you decided that this just isn’t for you, it takes too much time and you’d rather be investing that time into something else, then you’re in the right place, because we can help you. 

Check out our Instagram Stories folder on our website, where you can click and grab pre-made Instagram story tiles. Download and use them, no muss and no fuss. Store them on your phone to have them ready when needed.


We also have some pretty affordable blank Instagram stories, if you’d prefer something more minimalistic that you can spruce up yourself. 

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