The Impact of the Digital Tasker

The Impact of the Digital Tasker

Ever felt like you’re a hairstylist, but also an Influencer, a social media guru, a barista and a business ninja all in one?

We get it, because salon owners and solo operators are expected to be multitaskers, juggling more balls than Bozo. But that quickly leads to the balls falling due to burnout, and before you know it - it’s a circus.

And here’s where we want to come in through the big doors wearing a superhero cape of our own, to offer ad hoc services in the form of our DIGITAL TASKER.

  1. Flexibility: Adapt to changing needs without committing to long-term contracts. Engage our services when you need them, and for how long you need them. You are in control. We can be as flexible as you want us to be.
  2. Budget Control: Invest only in the specific services you require, saving costs overall. And we know how important that is in today's climate.
  3. Expertise Access: Outsourcing doesn’t take away from your or your business. And similar to parenting...A business takes a village, right? Outsourcing to someone means you give your business an upgrade that you want, without wasting the hours to do so.
  4. Targeted Campaigns: Execute focused promotions and launches with precision.
  5. Seasonal Agility: Quickly adapt to industry trends and seasonal events.
  6. Time Optimisation: Focus on core salon activities while we handle marketing. Outsource specific tasks precisely when you need them. It’s a swift, flexible service designed to give you quick results with minimal planning and effort.
  7. ROI Enhancement: Professional output leads to improved returns on investment.
  8. Digital Relevance: Stay updated in the dynamic landscape without the learning curve. Marketing is ever changing. Strategies change quickly, and it’s easy to fall behind and become a follower, rather than a disruptor. But with Digital Tasker you get to pivot like a pro, not like Ross.

And here's what we can take on for you:

Graphic design:

  • Logo editing- updating
  • Facebook/Instagram images 
  • Website favicons and icons
  • Salon Menus and pricelists
  • Email Signatures
  • Letter Heads and Stationary branding
  • Qr Code artwork for flyers and postcards
  • Gift voucher design

Social Media

  • Updating page functions, URLS, page connections and removing unused apps and deleting old content
  • A monthly social media calendar
  • A list of captions for future posts
  • Reels and stories
  • Setting up a new TikTok 
  • Cleaning out and updating the "business manager" in Meta
  • Scheduling future content
  • Creating sign-up forms and data capture
  • Transferring or merging accounts
  • Set up ECommerce in Meta


  • Set up ads
  • Write ad copy and optimise your recruitment messaging
  • Collect applicants and data
  • Create artwork for recruitment promotions

Website Updates

  • Creating sign-up forms Google forms
  • Writing Ad copy
  • Developing ad content 
  • Publishing 

Press Packs

  • Copywriting staff bios for websites

  • Creating a press kit for local media

  • Salon Bio
  • Press Release template for repeat use

Email Campaigns

  • Write email content

  • Develop templates in Mailchimp
  • Import/export your audiences
  • Segment audience by behaviour
  • Link all URLS to your EDM output
  • Clean bounced emails
  • Implement client surveys

Proof Reading

  • Award entries

  • Website copy
  • Print Ads
  • Online content or social

Google Reviews

  • Implement systems for reviews

  • Optimise Google My Business

  • Join Review platforms to connect to socials


  • Setting up your publishing platform
  • Editing your audio files
  • Adding theme music
  • Creating transcripts
  • Writing Show notes
  • Connecting to multiple listening platforms


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