Trending Reel Audios #2

Trending Reel Audios #2

Are you annoyed by those Instagram Reels telling you to use a SPECIFIC AUDIO to get your video to become viral? Yeah, we are too. They rarely work. It’s a TRAP, folks. 
We’re sharing the following trending audios with you solely because:
  • We spend every day on Instagram, and we notice when certain audios are used more than others. 
  • We don’t believe there is a secret ‘tune’, ‘tone’ or anything similar that will get your reel to perform better than usual. 
  • We have ideas for each of them that we want YOU to use. 
  • We want you to have FUN while creating content and not just chasing numbers, because you’ll start to resent the process.

We promised in one of our past blogs that we’re going to regularly share the hottest reel audios with you, and we’re determined to keep that promise to you!


Channel your client’s inner Beyonce

This is great, because it’s pretty short, so you don’t have to worry about potentially annoying your client by making them stand for too long or do silly poses (we all do worry about that sometimes.) 

All it takes is: 

One before video, hair toss and one after video. Ta-da!

A Beethoven before and after

All it takes is: 

One before video with a transition of your choice (a hair flip, turn of the head, finger movement upwards, whatever your client is comfortable with), and one after video. Another ta-da!

This is ‘IT’

Got a short video you’re really proud of? Use this one. It’s entertaining, quick and trending right now. All it needs is your take on it.

Black & white photo collage

You don’t even need a video for this one! Get on it right now, because it’s trending right now and you don’t want to miss the wave.

Before and after

Like things to be clean and simple? There you go!

And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you need help with creating reels, reach out to us! We can do them FOR YOU!

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