Trending Reel Audios to Use Right Now

Trending Reel Audios to Use Right Now

Keeping this blog short and sweet, because we know you’re busy folk!

I spend a lot of our time scrolling through reels, and frankly, it’s a little concerning at this point. Sometimes I catch myself doing chores around the house singing tunes from reels I see on Instagram. Sometimes I’m that annoying person that finishes other’s people sentences if they begin with a song I heard through Reels. But it is what it is, reels are fun. They’re addicting. 

And if you watch them, you’ll see that some tunes are used more than others. This is why I wanted to list some of my favourites right now that you could use to create content for your salon.


  1. Mashups are a huge hit, they give you the opportunity to add awesome transitions to the beat, and here’s a sweet one that has been trending lately:

      2. This one is great for showcasing your work or promoting products:

      3 .Something that’s great for before and after pictures or videos:

      4 .Want to quickly show what kind of services/ products your clients can get at your salon? Here is audio perfect for that.

      5 .We’re particularly fond of fun reels like this. You might think they don’t have a point if they aren’t all about your work, but you get an opportunity to show the fun side of your team:


And remember, you can use any audio to create your own, original reel. You don’t have to follow the same pattern and transitions everyone else is doing. Put some of your own sauce on it!


If you’d love for us to share our favourite, trending reels every month, comment down below! Feed our reel addiction, it’s okay.

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