What Social Media Audits Taught Us About Salons on Social Media

What Social Media Audits Taught Us About Salons on Social Media

Ah, audits...it’s just one of those words that doesn’t have a nice ring to it, you know? However, in this case, it’s less painful and very much necessary, especially if you’re considering your existence in the digital space.

We’ve done so many social media audits for clients who simply needed someone to talk to. Someone who’s going to give them advice, analyse their socials, and help them get on the right path. 

So, what have we learned? We’re going to share our TOP FIVE common mistakes businesses make when it comes to their social media accounts. 

1. The Photo Quality Doesn’t Really Matter...As Long As I Get Something Out There...

This is something that shouldn’t be compromised, ever. There are literally millions upon millions of photos uploaded to Instagram daily, and if you’re posting dark, pixelated, blurry photos, don’t expect your followers to be mesmerised. 

Improve the quality of your photos - you don’t need a fancy camera for it. All you need is a good phone and the basic knowledge of how to set up a photo. If you need to know more about lighting and angles… we’ve GOT YOU. We explain it all - the how, the where, the when and the why.

2. I Don’t Have Time for Videos... It’s Complicated… My Team Is Busy...

This has to be said - there is absolutely no reason for your salon not to produce quality video content. There are Instagram Lives you could do, IG TV videos to film, Instagram Reels you can post, before and after videos to put together.

Videos work, and people love them. It keeps the eyes and attention of your followers on your content for a couple of seconds longer. That’s what Instagram likes to see...it’s basically a wheel, where one reaction follows another... Sorry to break it to you guys but...you need to get with the program! If you need help, well, what are you waiting for, talk to us. Send us an email, a message. We can help with Instagram Reels, we can help with GIFs...Anything you need to get the ball rolling. 

3. Aesthetic’s Aren’t Important...Not Really...

Ironic, isn’t it, considering the industry we are in. To you, your feed aesthetic doesn’t pay the bills, and hey, I hear ya… But, you’re wrong. Your aesthetic is your branding. If you’re sloppy and your feed is all over the place, your potential followers will definitely form an impression of your business based on what they see online. That’s the world we live in. 

If you want something that will make your feed look really put together, our personal favourite is a 30-piece Instagram Canvas. These kinds of feeds always impress followers. 

4. Hashtags Just Annoy People…I Look Desperate….

No, they don’t. In fact, hashtags are designed to help people locate the content they want, faster. People get annoyed when they can’t find something because it’s not under the right hashtags. Or, if you use the wrong hashtags for your business too. It’s important to do thorough research on hashtags and create sets that you can switch out, so you reach the right audience. Coincidentally, we recently launched a Hashtag Strategy eBook, that you can get here for absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter, and you can download it. You can learn how hashtags work, what are the do’s and don’ts, and get your hands on several pages long sheets filled with hashtags all salons have to know!

5. I’m Not Going to Beg My Followers...

Using a call to action is crucial, it’s just the way of the digital world. It’s a means of communication, it’s as simple as that. If you don’t ask questions if you don’t push people to take action if you don’t encourage, lazy scrollers will just keep scrolling past your content. But, if you give your followers a little nudge, and ask them to do something, or to comment on something, well, you’d be surprised how well that works! 

So, let us know if you’ve ever made any of these mistakes? Or, if you need us to do a social media audit for you, well, we’d be more than happy to. Let us judge you, please! We’ll be kind! 

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