What to Post on Instagram This Week

What to Post on Instagram This Week

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to find advice online, and reading through blogs that don’t offer you concrete advice. Sometimes, you just want to be told what to do. Step by step!

If you want someone to guide you through a whole week of Instagram posting, keep scrolling and reading, because we’re going to tell you EXACTLY what to post every day. Monday to Sunday, Yeeeeeep!


Post a fun, upbeat, inspirational reel. It doesn’t have to be a hair reel. It can be you coming into the salon with your favourite drink, smiling, dancing, or getting ready for work. Okay, it sounds corny, but it doesn’t have to be, trust us. Instead, you could opt for posting a short message wishing someone a great start to the week. If you’re short on time, you can type out a quick quote or find something online that will be a great pick-me-up for your followers.


It’s time to showcase something you’ve been working on, and more specifically, showcase a transformation you did at the salon. Make it a point to capture a before and after pic or video and post it! Add the hashtags #TransformationTuesday to it and voila.


Share a product photo. What’s a product you want to hype up? Or a product you’d love to sell more? Share a pic of it and tell your followers more about it. Why it’s good, why you love it, and why they will love it.


Educate. Now is the time to provide some value to your clients. And you have so many options on how to do it: from creating a quick tutorial on how to use a product, how to create a quick style, how to care for a certain type of colour or cut.


Fridays are meant to be fun - so share a funny meme that your audience will love. Or just a funny quote if that’s more your thing.


Show your face! Do a short video or a photo, a selfie with your team, catch one of your staff doing something funny, or just showcase them doing work. But it’s time to appear on socials.


And finally, Sunday. Everyone is relaxing and not doing much.  You can take the day off. Or do the total opposite and take advantage of the fact that everyone is on their phones scrolling. Post the best video or photo you’ve made this week! 

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