Why TikTok is not just a passing phenomenon

Why TikTok is not just a passing phenomenon

TikTok is the social media with short videos that are increasingly popular, especially among the very young. Its growth was steady until the end of 2019, at which time its popularity rose rapidly, also as a result of the pandemic. TikTok was the first non-Facebook app to hit 3 billion global downloads.


The platform's dominance in the social media trends landscape seems to be guaranteed for the rest of 2022. From the point of view of companies, the application represents a unique opportunity to get in direct contact with current and future consumers.


The platform that is the protagonist of social media trends has two main strengths. On one hand it uses, exclusively video content, a format capable of engaging and retaining the user's attention. On the other hand, it’s a highly personalised content recommendation system. Thanks to it, brands can profile their audiences in detail and connect with a qualified and engaged audience.


The latest rumours on the evolution of social media trends say that one of the next steps will be to introduce an e-commerce aspect and a monetisation model. Two features that make TikTok an even more interesting platform for companies.


Are you still convinced that TikTok is just a passing phenomenon? Warning… if your audience is on TikTok, you should be too. Connect with them, and find out where and what they are talking about. To be successful on the platform, make sure you're engaging in the conversations of the moment and keep on top of the latest trends.

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