Facebook Business Suite Announced & Rolled Out

Facebook Business Suite Announced & Rolled Out

Facebook’s new Business Suite has been both announced and rolled out, and many of you have likely discovered it already!

Gotta say, I found the changes confusing AF. I was navigating through the backend as though it was my first time on Facebook circa 2007. 

That said, some of the new features will streamline client’s user experiences and simplify the management of Instagram content from the Facebook interface. 

If you want to schedule posts that will go out to both your Facebook and Instagram followers at the same time, now you can.

You don’t need to do anything special to access the new Business Suite; if you’re eligible to access it, you’ll be redirected when you visit  business.facebook.com.

Make sure if you are a page owner that you have "ownership" and admin access of all your accounts. The last thing you need in Q4 2020 is major IT issues across your business' social pages. 

Also some hot goss from Zuckerberg...

New Sponsored Posts for Groups

2020 is the year of Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are getting priority in newsfeeds, and users are joining and engaging in them in record numbers.

One of my favorite new Facebook updates this month is all about Facebook Groups, too. They’re now looking at potential revenue opportunities for those who run engaged, thriving communities.

You can already run ads your Groups feed, but soon you’ll be able to create brand partnership posts in groups.


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