2021 Salon Strategy Diary. SOLD OUT.
2021 Salon Strategy Diary. SOLD OUT.
2021 Salon Strategy Diary. SOLD OUT.
2021 Salon Strategy Diary. SOLD OUT.

2021 Salon Strategy Diary. SOLD OUT.

Six Underground Media

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The diary has sold out, but you can get the eBook version instead.

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Unbothered, Moisturised, In My Lane, Well-hydrated, Flourishing...

This is a 260 + page HARD copy book that will be shipped to you early December.

This extensive 2021 diary has everything a salon owner or hairdresser needs to drive their business forward and keep their goal on track throughout the year. Unbothered, Moisturised, In My Lane, Well-hydrated, Flourishing... is a collaboration between Mia De Vries of The Secret Fox/The Fox & The Hair and Hayley Mears from Six Underground Media. They have created over 260 pages of tools, resources and calendar prompts to make sure you are guided through the year with all their secret tips, tricks and hacks.

This diary allows you to personalise your content plan and marketing output with lots of helpful tips and ideas to get you started.  As you work your way through the diary you will find:

  • A cohesive space to write your goals and break them down into monthly achievements
  • Record all your important hair dates and deadlines to make sure you never miss a hair event, education booking or product launch
  • Plan out your marketing month by month and pair the timeline with the upcoming holidays and sales activations
  • Create a positive vision by working through a gratitude list and check-in with the weekly mantras as regular motivators
  • Write an education plan for your business and track what you're doing using the education templates
  • Create a vision board and find a place to jot down all your creative concepts and ideas in the one place
  • Be guided by the monthly lists of holidays and events that make your social content unique
  • Create salon admin schedules, cleaning lists, turnover forecasts, savings trackers, retail goals and salon shopping lists
  • The meeting planner is an incredible tool to record your staff meetings and itemise your talking points
  • There's also a heap of social media concepts for you to execute and guide you through the times when you're fresh out of content
  • The project planner can be used from anything from a PR launch to a salon renovation. There are also pages to help you plan a photoshoot or a launch party.
  • Wellness and self-care is a huge part of our focus for 2021, so you'll find some great tools to make sure you invest in your physical and mental health.

If you’re looking to get organised and ON TRACK in 2021 this is the diary to get you there!