About Us

So, let's talk about Six Underground Media. The business was a total accident, a start-up that took advantage of the social media boom. This accidental business is now a buzzing hub of creatives – a team of eight, that is now servicing over 40 clients.
The big question is... What will Six Underground Media do for you and your business? Free you up to do what you do best which is running your business. Executing social media and PR is a timely exercise which is better spent creating turnover. By handing this aspect of your marketing over to Six Underground you will have the most innovative campaigns with the most optimised results. You don’t have to think about what to create and how to deliver it – it’s all done for you.
We know you’re busy with full schedules, businesses, staff, family and very little time to spend on being a jack-of-all-digital-trades.
Our job is to give you back some of your valuable time by outsourcing something that allows you to do all the stuff you’re good at, but more importantly, the work you enjoy.
After spending 11 years working in beauty, hair and fashion I attended university to start a recently launched degree in digital marketing and public relations. My interest in social media allowed me to apply marketing concepts to the newly adopted platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as marketing delivery methods. The brand grew momentum and positioned Six Underground as one of the first ‘early adopter’ agencies that was launched in 2010.
Remember the days when social media was recreational? Let us take you back to that and free you from the business obligations of social media marketing.