12 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Salon

12 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Salon

Sure, it’s easy to share what you’ve been snacking on or binging on your Netflix on your private account, but your business account is different. We’re not saying it’s bad to share these things, if that’s what your brand is about. If you’re just being you and you want to share as much of you as you can. Then GO YOU!

However, we know many of you treat your salon accounts differently. If you have an account dedicated to your salon, then you might want to create a strategy on what you post, what that says about your brand, how often you post…All the things you wouldn’t normally consider for your private account.

Below, we’ve listed some Instagram Story concepts that will help you be and remain consistent with posting to your stories. Let’s dive into it!

1) Polls
Polls are literal Instagram story magic. Followers love to express their opinions and they love being asked about what they think! Even if it’s just a pic of today’s hair transformation, their opinion on something not necessarily hair related, or asking for suggestions. You can customise answers, so they’re not just ‘YES’ and ‘NO’, further making the polls custom for you.

Plus, the more your followers interact with these features you post via stories, the better your account will perform. Instagram takes into account this activity and gives the spotlight to accounts who utilise the features they create.

2) Before & Afters
Everyone loves a good transformation. People love seeing someone go from 0 to a 100! It, in a way, gives them hope that this could happen to them! And yes, some people do feel hopeless when it comes to their hair, we all know this.

If you feel like you have pics that aren’t high-res, but you still want to share them, create custom Instagram Story tiles to share these! You can also add them to your highlights as well, so people can find them later.

3. Q&A
A question and answer section might be a great way to connect to your audience, educate them, help them get answers to some frequently asked questions.

You can even ask and collect all the questions first, and then prep an entire video to share on your stories and save to highlights. That way, the stories are saved for everyone to see.

4. Behind the Process
If you’re short on time or don’t know how to create reels and videos, why not just turn on the camera and take short videos of the process, which you can share immediately? People love seeing stuff happen in real time, especially if it shows details about certain processes they don’t get to see.

5. Product Recommendations
If you don’t want to suffocate your beautiful feed with product posts, why not create some custom ones for your story? If you know what your customers usually ask for, you can create bespoke Instagram Stories and include products your customers want to know about. Share who they are for and when they are used. You can post about one specific product, or showcase duos that go together well, for certain types of hair, colour, style.

6. Team Takeover
How would your socials look like if your team took over for one day? Have them individually or with joined forces take care of Instagram Stories for one day. They are in charge, and it’s their day to post whatever they want!

7. Tag Products
If you have Instagram Shop set up, you’ll love the tagging feature on Instagram Stories. This is an additional way to promote your shop, since you can conveniently tag products in your story, which will leave consumers directly to the product. Then they are just a click away from hitting the buy button.

8. Top Five
Create a custom Instagram Story series where you share your top five in a certain category. For example: top five favourite anti-frizz products, top five products for blondes, top five hair trends for this season etc.

9. Promote Content From Other Platforms
You might have a TikTok account, a Youtube channel or a blog. Take advantage of stories to promote them to your followers. We all know that people are after instant-gratification. If they don’t have to go through extra steps to find your blog, website or Youtube channel, they’ll be much happier.

10. Share Feed Posts
You can share your current feed posts, simply because your post might not reach their timeline. And if this doesn’t happen, they might think you didn’t post anything. If they see your stories pop up, and within it, your latest post, they can click on it and catch up with the content!

11. Reviews
Take some time to create a template where you can drop in testimonials from your clients. You can share testimonials from messages, Google, Facebook...Wherever your customers leave the reviews. Then, pin it to Highlights!

12. Weekly Series
Followers love consistency, and something to look forward to, especially if that content they get on the regular is educational or entertaining. Why not dedicate a day out of the week to devote to your very own series? Something that you know your followers want to or need to know.


We know that you’re busy, and constantly creating bespoke templates might not be the best way to go. We have a collection of various Instagram Stories you can download, and use on the daily. Just click here to explore.

But also, if you’re looking for something more bespoke, something that is really going to reflect your brand, reach out to us, because we can create custom Instagram Stories for you and help you develop the concepts a bit further.

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