Content Ideas for Every Instagram Format

Content Ideas for Every Instagram Format


Instagram takes into account your habits, preferences and the desire to get creative, and offers you several formats to post on the platform. 
For those who are on the go, and usually very busy, you have Instagram Live. 
For those who love to post as many updates per day as possible, you have Instagram Stories.
In the last two years, we’ve seen the emergence of reels, created for those who don’t want to install a new platform (TikTok), but still want to create fun, video content.
At the end of the day, the major struggle when posting on Instagram for most people is CONTENT. We know monotony is the death of progress on Instagram, but consistency is key. So in order to achieve the right balance, you need content ideas to stay consistent.
Below, you’ll find concrete ideas on what type of content to post whether you just use Instagram Stories, Reels or Live.


1) Transformations with awesome transitions.

2) Quick hair tutorials.

3) Fun team reels.

4) Monthly recaps.


1) Q&A

2) Interviews with your team members, or a collaboration with other business owners in the community, or even industry experts.

3) Education, tutorials or short classes.


1) Last-minute announcements like appointments, promos, and competitions.

2) Reviews and testimonials.

3) Photos that don’t quite make it to your feed.

4) Reposts from other users.

5) Promoting services, such as your online shop or booking page.

6) Event teasers.

7) Polls & questionnaires.

8) Shoutouts to other businesses in the community, your clients or staff.

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2)Step-by-step guides to creating a style, using a product.

3)Tell a story.

4)Talk about brand values.



When it comes to the classic Instagram feed, you may opt for a beautifully curated Instagram Canvas, or the regular day-to-day posting feed. Content ideas here are endless:

1) Memes

2) Team profiles

3) Beautiful hair photos

4) Product shots

5) Tips & tricks

6) Infographics

7) Quotes

8) Reviews and testimonials



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