Find Out If You Are Consistent On Instagram

Find Out If You Are Consistent On Instagram

I read somewhere that consistency is what transforms average into excellence. And although many will say Instagram isn’t real life, this quote can definitely apply to the existence on this social media platform. 

Think about your clients who get their hair coloured. Isn’t it consistency with using the right product, and regular salon visits that will give them the best, long-lasting results they want? Of course, it is.

Consistency is paramount, and social media is not an exception.

Let’s go over the must-dos if you want to see your Instagram make a difference and see if you truly are an Instagram ‘regular’.

Create a ‘Doable’ Schedule
And if you can’t outsource someone who can create it and maintain it for you. Having a schedule will make a huge difference.

Use appropriate hashtags
Imagine an Instagram reality with hashtags? How would you ever be able to find the right restaurant in Sydney? Or a Melbourne hair salon? Or simply cute frenchie pics you like to binge scroll through. That’s why hashtags matter and are a must for every post.

Engage with the community
Whether it’s the people you follow or the people who follow hashtags that relate to your community, it’s important to be present. This entails liking, commenting, sharing or saving their posts, so you are always visible to your potential audience.

Post reels every week
Reels help with reach, engagement, and interactions, and they are without a doubt the IT type of content to post. And they have been for quite a while now. If you’re not posting them consistently, at least once a week, you are missing out on reaching a wider audience who inevitably consumes and loves this type of content. 

Post at least 5 times a week
Some will say posting once or twice is enough if it’s quality content, but let’s face it. Not everyone is Kim Kardashian. We can’t afford to post once a week and garner the kind of attention we want. When you’re in the process of chasing your goals and growing, you can’t afford to be absent 6 days out of the week. Show up every day, stay consistent with it, and become a necessary presence in the lives of your followers.

Post to Instagram Stories every day
Think of them as an extension of your posts; as a helping hand that reaches out to the audience that might have not seen today’s feed post. Which happens more often than not. Think about it, if your followers also follower hundreds of different accounts, your post might not even end up being seen. That’s when Instagram Stories come into play, to help give your account a little free shoutout and remind your followers that you are here.

If you practice all of the above, every week you’ll definitely see a major transformation in your socials. If the content is on point, you know your target audience, and you couple it all with consistency, success is inevitable in the long run. 

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