Genius Ideas to Boost your Salon Marketing Using Print Materials

Genius Ideas to Boost your Salon Marketing Using Print Materials

When was the last time you received a random act of kindness?

I got one last week at the coffee shop, when my barista handed me a card. It was a card in the shape of a takeaway coffee cup with the shop branding on it. It simply read…

“Random Act of Kindness” your next coffee is on us…”

This got me thinking, imagine the impact this would have on our clients? If we had a gift we could pull out randomly to make their day? Perhaps every new client walks out with a card signed by the stylist that says… “It was a pleasure to meet you, when you come back for your next visit, I’d like to treat you to a complementary shine treatment“.

The angle of this activation is THREE Fold.

  1. Build return visits and customer loyalty. Only 50% of first-time clients return for a second visit.
  2. Make what you give them “INSTAGRAMABLE”. Make sure the card is beautifully designed, printed on premium stock, personally written AND includes your social handles. You could even include a QR code to register the voucher which then diverts to a pop up “follow us on Instagram” or “Sign Up for our Newsletter”
  3. Create a talking point about your salon experience the will share with their friends. You can further incorporate a referral system into this promotional stream or funnel.

So how do you make this happen? First get clear on…

  1. The details of what the print card needs to say. You can even design it yourself in CANVA. The key inclusions are. Salon name, contact details and social handles. The OFFER, the primary focus of the card should be what you are offering them. It could be: 
    • Complimentary treatment on your next visit valued at…
    • $50 off your next colour service
    • Complimentary travel size shampoo & conditioner

*We can even send you a small intro order of BANG BUDDIES if they are an appropriate value add.


We have created an example below.

We can create this card design for you with a print ready file for $66. 

If you need to find a printing service, we recommend for premium quality stock and lots of cool extras (foil print, etc). – for speedy turnaround and great value for money.

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