How to Determine Your Brand Values

How to Determine Your Brand Values

A brand is a lot more than just services and products you offer. While these things may change through time, one thing must remain the same: BRAND VALUES.

As you might guess or know, we get to talk to a lot of salons and businesses in general, and there’s a lot of talk about branding. Before we start any digital marketing, we have to discuss brand values. This is what determines the direction of pretty much everything in marketing.

Sometimes, businesses know exactly what their business is about and what their brand values are. And sometimes, it’s really not so clear. Or the values don’t exist at all.

We thought it would be wonderful to tackle this subject, now with lockdown in progress, as it gives you time to think about these things and essentially regroup, rebrand and reevaluate, if necessary!

What are the core values, the brand pillars that make your brand DIFFERENT from others and appealing to your audience. Think well and hard about this, as this is the key to success.

Carefully consider this. Your vision is WHY you do what you do. These are ideas that inspire you and your team. What will keep you and your team pushing forward.

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is the part that determines how your brand will look and what kind of feels and vibes it will give off to the people who follow you and engage with you. It covers everything from the colours you want to use, the fonts, the photos, the aesthetics you’d like to achieve.

This is what your brand sounds like, how you talk, write, the language you use and what your unique point of view is. It can be a more casual tone, you can decide to get really personal with your audience, or you can take a more formal route. It all depends on your determined preferences.

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