Is This the Reason You're Not Doing Social Media?

Is This the Reason You're Not Doing Social Media?

How would you name a situation where you're supposed to be doing something that's going to be good for you, but you're not actually doing it?

Not doing something that's going to benefit you, for whatever reason it may be, is called self-sabotage.

Harsh as it may sound, if your business is not represented on social media at all, or it isn't represented well, you're self-sabotaging or salon-sabotaging in this case. Hear me out.

To get to the very bottom of the issue, we have to look at the real reasons behind this, as well as what are the ways to fix it.


Owning a salon is something that takes up 150% of your time. There simply isn't enough time in a day to focus on other avenues, when you're trying to balance all the things you need to as a salon owner.
Here's a question for you though: What do you usually do when you don't have time?
Answer: You outsource the work to someone else.
  • Can't take on all the clients? You hire more hair stylists.
  • Can't clean your own salon? You hire cleaners.
  • Can't do your accounting? You get someone to do it for you.
So why would social media be any different, especially when it can be quite fruitful for your business and help it thrive? From expanding your reach to selling more products, or getting new clientele, there are so many benefits social media can bring if you outsource it to someone who has the time for it and knows what they are doing.


If you do understand social media, or maybe you have tried it and you realised you don't know how it works and it's too complicated, that's okay. Social media isn't just putting up a photo or slapping a few hashtags on it. There's so much more to it. *inhale* From regular analytics, keeping up with trends, understanding the psychology and sociology behind marketing, knowing how to strategise and create content according to goals, doing graphic design, establishing a presence and creating branding...*exhale* There's a lot to it, and just like any industry, it requires regular keeping up with to actually be good at it.


Lack of knowledge on a certain topic can cause a lot of us not to actually believe in the thing at all. And we get this all the time.


''I don't need to be on social media, my clients don't use it.''
''I don't think it works, I'm not getting messages after every photo I post.''

We get it. Social media is sometimes very hard to understand when it's the kind of space that doesn't always offer tangible results. For example, you might reach thousands of people this week, but you might not get a single call for an appointment. However, thousands and thousands of people DO know about your salon, and whether it's next month or next week, you will be getting a new client. You might be mentioned in someone's conversation when you pop up on someone's feed. Someone might save your post for a future appointment in a month or two. You're getting the business buzz that keeps your salon alive.


Pinching pennies isn't how you will survive in today's climate. Investing and reinvesting is how you can level up. Lack of funds shouldn't be an excuse not to outsource your social media, especially if it means you'll get a return on your investment. Besides, even making small changes, and talking to someone like us can make an impact on your business, and it doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars a month.

In fact, sometimes, your business can see a big difference, when you invest as little as a couple of hundred dollars each month into a well-developed digital marketing strategy.


There's always something more important than social media, and we know that this isn't always a priority when it comes to owning a salon. It all comes down to the way you treat social media and how real you are about what it does. Social media should be an integral part of every business and not just a pleasant bonus you treat yourself to when you have spare cash. Especially because, despite what many still think, social media is not just a virtual photo album filled with pretty pictures. These so-called pretty pictures have a purpose behind them and fit into a much bigger picture, that's backed up by a vision and a goal.


Have you find yourself in any of these excuses? If you have, it's time to rethink your current strategy and maybe think about stepping into the digital spotlight.

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