Quick & Easy Way to Make a Reel

Quick & Easy Way to Make a Reel

Still haven’t dipped your toes into the Reel making pool? You’re not alone, there are a lot of people who either don’t know how to do this, or what the first reel should be about. No matter what the reason is, Reels are one of the features of Instagram that can help your account reach more people. We want to help you create your first reel, and make it easy and time-savvy. Here we go!

Go to Canva

First step is to sign into Canva, because you’re going to use it to create your Reel. Canva already offers you the option to choose the template you need, and for Reels you need to choose ‘Instagram Story’ template. You can either start with a blank page, or choose a template they offer to make things even faster for you.

Create Multiple Slides

You want to share hair tips, for example. For each tip create a new slide, typing out the tips you want to share. You can include products, photos of hair, whatever you want, or you can just focus on sharing the text. We’ve got some Instagram Story tiles ready for you to use to make your next Reel, and you can browse them all here. It will make things even faster AND easier!

Add Effects or Animation

Canva offers you so many options to add animated stickers, effects or animation to your slides, so make sure to use that to zhuzh up your reel.

Create Cover

While you’re in the template, create the cover for your Reel. Make sure the title is catchy and it’s centered in the middle of your template, so if you’re sharing the reel to your feed as well, the text is easily seen.

Download Time

If you’re on your phone, this is the time to download and get ready for posting. Make sure you download it as .mp4.

Choose the Music

This is totally up to you and what kind of music you want to use. Go through the list and choose the one you want. Once you do, you also get an option, on the left side of the screen, to choose how long the reel will last (15, 30 or 60) seconds.

Add the Video & Edit Captions

Now add the video you created, preview it and add in the captions along with hashtags. While you’re in this window, you will get a chance to choose your cover. Now comes the time to choose the cover page you already created in Canva.

Post it

Give it a once over and you post it!


If you’re up for filming yourself, then we have another blog post for you, giving you some tips on how to make a high-quality reel!

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