Why You Need To Have Several Logos

Why You Need To Have Several Logos

You might be thinking…

Wait, I don’t even have one logo, why do I need more? Is this just a sales thing, or are logo variations a necessity?

Having one logo is not just a necessity, it’s a must! Every business and brand online that’s looking to establish its presence and grow has one.

If you have your main, primary logo set up, that’s great, you’re on the right track. Now, all you need are logo variations. This will help you uplevel your brand, but help keep your branding flexible.

A logo variation is a modified version of the primary logo. It should still be recognisable, but easier to use in your content. You might use it in different ways. Sometimes the sizing of the logo doesn’t fit or it doesn’t go with the look you’re going for, which is where variations step in.

Here’s which variations your business needs to have.

Primary Logo
This is your main logo, the one you will use the most. Add it to your website, social media profile pics, salon menus, printable and digital materials.

Secondary Logo
This is just a variation of your primary logo, but most commonly rearranged into another orientation. It’s in a different orientation or format, to assist you when your primary logo doesn’t quite fit your brand collateral.

Simplified Version
This means you should have a logo that’s only an icon or initials of your primary logo. This can be a great option to have to use on your social media posts, for your profile photos, for email footers and more.

When we design logos, we are able to provide several versions for you to choose from. See what you like, what you don’t like, pick what you really want!
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