You and Your Brand on Socials

You and Your Brand on Socials

Unofficially, the word ‘branding’ has been one of the most used in the last two years in the digital world. Everyone is talking about their branding, potential branding, someone else’s branding… You get the picture. 


We wanted to simplify the entire concept of branding, and make it a bit more appealing to those who are still feeling unsure about the whole idea. We want to talk about the role you play in your branding, and the role your brand is supposed to play. Here’s the lowdown. 


If you want to showcase your brand/salon in the best light on your socials and in the general digital space, make sure you are showing what it’s like to come and get a service from you. What YOU provide, and what your values are. How the client will be welcomed and what they can expect from YOU.


Be your brand’s biggest fan. We’re not talking about overselling and going overboard with self-praise, because that’s CRINGE. But advocating for your brand like you are your own influencer is key. If you don’t like your brand, and you don’t find the time to talk about your values, why would your clients bother to do that research on their own? 


Focus on targeting an audience and clientele that will understand your brand and you. Don’t generalise and try to force your values on clients that don’t align with them. As they say, stick to your guns.



Needless to say, a brand needs to have an attractive visual appearance online so that it attracts the right kind of client. The broken record that we are, we are always repeating the importance of a ‘put-together’ social media account. Think of it from the client’s perspective - would you rather visit a brand that looks clean, neat, professional online, is regular at posting and has a cohesive look, than a sloppy, all over the place brand that you’re not quite sure what they are about. 


Communicate whatever you can whenever you can. As much as you can! Social media is all about communication and sending the right message. Try to communicate with your audience as much as possible. 


Assert your presence and make sure your audience understands that your brand is professional and that they can be expected to get the best treatment possible. 



Your salon and brand should represent your core values. But first, if you haven’t yet, determine what those are. What is your mission, your goal, and what are the things you go by, day by day. 


Showcase your services in the best light. But also, try and showcase how your potential clients are treated. From treatments at the basin, little treats, coffee stations, pet-friendly areas, transformations… Welcome clients that haven’t even been to the salon, and make them feel like they want to visit your salon by giving a glimpse into your world. 

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