Collection: Digital Tasker

  •  Digital Tasker has arrived! For just $80 we can fix your marketing bugs, help with your email marketing, get some graphic design tweaks done and get your to-do list FINISHED! 

We get it - times change, businesses change. As do we and our services. 💗

That's why we created the Digital Tasker ➡️ for all of you who just need a bit of help here and there with getting👏 stuff👏 done.👏

Can't commit to a full package?

No problem - digital task it. ✅️

For example:

🔸️ Need someone to update your Instagram Highlight Covers? We can do it.

🔸️ Need a new salon menu?
🔸️ Need to swap out a few things on your website?
🔸️ Need a quick EDM sent out? We will take care of it straight away.
🔸️ Need assistance with recruitment ads? Proofreading? Design? Check, check, check! ✅️✅️✅️