Collection: Vibe Check for Creatives

Vibe Check for Creatives is the book that will guide you through the rollercoaster ride of being a hairdresser. You can be self-employed, a salon owner or a stylist looking to expand your business skillset. This book is the third instalment from Mia De Vries (The Secret Fox Education) and Hayley Mears (Six Underground Media) following their successful salon diaries. This book is 210 pages of inspirational goodness covering:
  • How to Cultivate Great Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Magic
  • Millennials and Gen Z
  • Branding
  • Social & Digital Trends
  • Hashtags
  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating Reels
  • Creative Tools
  • Instagram Marketing Leaders
  • Content Ideas
  • Vibe Check Your Organisation & Planning
  • Outsourcing for Creatives
  • Acquiring New Clients
  • Vibe Check Your Money
  • Vibe Check Your Personal Growth
  • Salon Culture
  • Career Progression
  • Staying in Your Own Lane
  • Learning by Accident
  • What to Do When You Have Lost Your Motivation

There are worksheets to help you plan and prepare the strategies in the book plus a heap of QR codes to take you to digital resources and printouts.