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Bundle | Influencer Agreement X Social Media Employment Template

Bundle | Influencer Agreement X Social Media Employment Template

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Get TWO agreements valued at $60 for just $50 as part of this bundle:


This contract outlines the following:

  • Use of social media during work hours
  • Brand representation on social media
  • Infringement of social media terms and policies
  • Account ownership and ownership of the account names
  • Post-employment use of social media, images, and client contact using social media
  • Existing personal accounts that are used for work promotion
  • Personal accounts and best practice

The contract is an editable WORD document. You are responsible for adding your terms, conditions and business name to the contract.


We recommend editing the word document and converting to a PDF prior to signing from both parties.



This agreement includes: 

1. Appointment

2. Term

3. Deliverables

4. Cancellation

5. Collateral Details

6. Items to Avoid

7. Approval and content origination

8. Confidentiality & Exclusivity

9. Compensation

10. Material disclosures and compliance with Facebook & Instagram guidelines

11. Payment Terms

12. Force Majeure

13. Independent Contractor

14. Choice of Law



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